Ask Shiga: Dating Advice and My Thoughts on Signing
by Jason Shiga | 2015-08-03 21:09:32

How can I get a girl I like and am friends with to see me as potential boyfriend material???

First you should find out if she likes you too! One way to find out is that you tell her a really bad joke that isn’t funny. If she laughs, then that means she might like you and you should ask her to go and see Trainwreck with you. When you get to the ticket booth, offer to pay. If she says, “Thank you” or “I’ll get you back next time.” then that means you’re on a date. After the movie, go get some dessert or coffee. On the walk home, make a joke about how small her hands are. If she puts hers up to yours for comparison, then make a joke about how small her lips are (I stole this move from Baz Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet). You can also make a joke about how you bet she has really small genitals.

I didn’t understand it when I was younger but you can think of flirting and dating as ways of hedging. Either of you can abort mission at any time and both have plausible deniability and go back to being friends. Also if she doesn’t like you, you shouldn’t try to figure out a way to get her to like you. That way madness lies.

A year or so ago I was at an Ursula LeGuin reading and was horrified by the signature frenzy afterward, a crowd of people she didn’t know each with a stack of books and no remorse for the physical drain on her. The impersonal greed of that event left me reluctant to request signatures — which I realize is at odds with my liking the individual touch and bit of connection which an inscription brings. I’d like to learn your thoughts on the whole inscription business

I LOVE signing books. It’s very touching that anyone would think of my signature as having any sort of value. To me, the utilitarian calculus on this is pretty simple. Furthermore, any cartoonist or author who doesn’t like signing their books, I hereby deem a self important wimp. By comparison, when I was at Angouleme last year, the woman next to me had brought a watercolor set and was doing full on 20 minute illustrations for anyone who bought her book.

I especially love signing books for children. At signings for Meanwhile, I always told kids that if they hold onto my signature for 15 years, they can sell it on ebay for $1,000,000. At one event, a kid came up and asked if he could have 2 signatures.

PS: The big announcement is coming soon…

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August 30-31, 2014

SF Zine Fest | San Francisco, CA

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Dr. Comics and Mr. Games | Oakland, CA

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Alternative Press Expo | San Francisco, CA

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