That’s all folks! Hard to believe it was just over 2 years ago that we started our journey together. But here we are at the end. I guess I knew going in that 720 pages would be a push but I really had no idea. Too many times, I wanted to call it quits and run away screaming. I probably would have too if it weren’t for the continual encouragement from my friends, family and most of all YOOOUUUU. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Right now I feel Demon’s got the most supportive, smartest audience on the entire internet. You taught me to never underestimate my readers’ intelligence and gave me the courage to reach for some of the nervyest ideas of my career.

Everyone told me it was insane to spend half a decade of my life on this project only to give it away online for free when I could just go with a traditional publisher. The analogy I always hear is that I wouldn’t go volunteer to work at Wallmart for five years for free. But I guess I don’t see it that way. The webcomics and blogs I’ve read have given me so much I feel it’s the least I could do to give a little something back. Thanks to YOU, my readers building a fan base for me, tweeting, promoting the comic and even generously giving direct financial support, it’s worked out for me beyond my expectations. But even more importantly, I’m hoping Demon will be seen as a worthy addition to the great heap of pop culture, to be enjoyed for generations and maybe even inspire someone else to make their own comic one day.

More on that in a sec. But first some business. If you’re wondering what will happen to this website, I’m planning to leave the entirety of Demon up for a couple more months. When the collected volumes start to come out from First Second, I’m removing everything but the first chapter. So if you want to read the webcomic one last time, do it before July. After that it’s gone, but only in webcomic form. If you want a permanent way to relive some highlights of Demon such as Jimmy being born or Sweetpea kidnapping a boy band and forcing them to perform at gunpoint, I have exciting news for you. You can now preorder Demon on amazon (!!! I’ve been working on this book for a year and it’s a gorgeous 2-color printing. We set out to try and replicate the aesthetic of old 2 tone manga from the 30’s and it’s succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. As for, I’m planning to keep the blog section of this site going. Even though there won’t be new pages of Demon, feel free to come back here for news about future projects, behind the scenes trivia about the making of Demon, cartooning advice and when I might be coming to a city near you!

Looking back on all of it now, I can say that Demon has been the most rewarding experience of my career. When I started, I knew almost nothing about webcomics or crowdfunding. As my wife can attest, my business sense was below nonexistent. It still is. But nowadays I feel like I’ve discovered the secret elixir to the universe. I want to shout the recipe from the rooftops and tell every creator I know that for about $5 in raw materials, some very rudimentary drawing skills and a solid idea or two, they can start to earn a living from their work too. To that end, I’m planning to write up a 2 or 3 part blog post on everything I learned about making webcomics so stick around.

Right now, I just want to thank everyone here once more. Demon has been the journey of a lifetime and I couldn’t have done it without you!