Welp, it’s official. Demon has launched! I’m sure you’ve got a million questions about this project. What’s it about? How can I buy it? My child loved Meanwhile; should they read Demon next? To answer briefly: a demon, an online store will be coming soon and NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

To flesh that out a little more, Demon stars Jimmy Yee as an actuarial accountant from Oakland who wakes up in a filthy motel room only to find out he has just become the world’s most dangerous man. For those familiar with my previous work, it has a lot of familiar Shiga themes such as musings on the meaning of life, happiness and features a psycopath with no friends using mathematics to defeat an entire world out to crush him (did I mention this was an autobio comic?).

I’ve penciled 673 pages (my goal is for Demon to be one page longer than Habibi) and I’ll be posting new pages every weekday for the next couple years. For those worried the comic will decend into sequences hundreds of pages long featuring Jimmy working through reams of calculations, don’t worry, there’s nothing more advanced than freshmen calculus.

As for the format, here’s where it gets interesting. I’ll be releasing issues concurrently, both as physical booklets and pdfs. They all start off roughly in synch, but eventually the physical issues will run 2 months ahead and the pdfs run 1 month ahead. That means you can pay to look into the future!!! That’s it. That’s my whole business model. No coffee mugs or T-shirts. I’m still working out little kinks in the store section of the site, but I should have that up fairly soon. I’m going to try and be as transparent as I can, so if it works out financially, other people can try to work off that model too. This subject actually deserves several dedicated posts so more on this later…

For now, enjoy the comic and feel free to email me or leave a comment or tell your facebook friends about it.


P.S.: If you are under the age of 18, DO NOT READ THIS COMIC!!!!!