Yesterday marked my return to the bachelor life (wife and kid are in New Mexico for the week). Won’t have time to update the news section of the site too much this week because I’ll be using my time to eat liver, watch the Noah’s Arc movie, crash an open mic comedy club and all the other bachelor type activities I can cram into a week. Also going to try and knock some items off my life bucket list which I leave for you below. Wish me luck!

Jason’s Bucket List

Bicycle to LA
Walk to San Francisco
use the word “ontological” and “epistemological” in a sentence
Attend Burning Man
Be an extra in a Bollywood movie
Be an extra in a Hollywood movie
Get lost in the woods
Walk to New York
Perform at the Stork Club
Learn another language
Write a video game
Write a text adventure game
Build a robot
climb a mountain
Do a chin-up
Learn to breakdance
Learn to tapdance
Complete a marathon
Complete a D+D campaign (as player and DM)
Drink milk directly from the nipple of a cow
Go to London
smoke a bong
shake hands with someone who’s shaken hands with the president
give a $100 bill as a tip
Read Grapes of Wrath
perform at an open mic standup comedy
Build a fire
Solve a math olympiad level problem
learn 10 knots