Big news, everyone. Maybe you’ve heard the rumors. Well they’re true. Today, I launch my Patreon campaign!!! (

For those who don’t know, Patreon is a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter. But instead of funding one big project it’s meant for longer term or continuous projects like ongoing webcomics for example. The basic idea is, you essentially become a patron of the arts by donating a few dollars a month to support the artists you like. If enough people become patrons, the artists can use that money to make more art thus enriching the culture in which we live.

Yeah, I don’t get it either. Which is why I’ve hijacked the site to sell subscriptions to Demon. Honestly, you’d be better off buying a subscription from the store section of the site (which also just went up today). But I understand not everyone has an extra $120 floating around in their bank account. One really nice thing about Patreon is they figured out a way to charge people a few dollars per month safely, automatically and relatively painlessly.

The lowest pledge level for Demon is $1/month for the PDF subscription and probably gets you the most bang for your buck. But the one I’m really trying to push is the $5/month booklet subscription. The booklets are 2 color risographed little floppies and I’m only printing up a few hundred. There’s other reward levels too but you can go visit the site to learn about them. The two I really want people to get are the PDF and booklet subscriptions.

Anyway, I want to be clear that Demon will always be available for free from this site. The subscriptions are just a nice way to help support the project, the artist and enrich the culture in which we live.