Just wanted to take a moment and thank all of my Patreon supporters. It’s been extremely touching to witness the outpouring of support for this crazy project and it’s incredible to think I’ll be recieving over $150 at the end of the month thanks to YOU. If we can maintain this level of funding for the duration of Demon, I will have enough to pay for the printing, bandwidth with money to spare by the time Demon reaches its conclusion.

I know a lot of my supporters are artists themselves which mean a lot to me too. I feel it’s so hard to make it in this crazy world as a cartoonist or artist. Just trying to exist is a struggle and to see folks on the edge of survival taking the time to give both financial support or words of encouragement has been one of the most touching aspects of this Patreon campaign.

Thanks again to all my patrons. For those who aren’t, you still have 3 days to sign up for a full subscription (www.patreon.com/shiga). And for those of you who are fans of Demon but can’t afford to be a patron, keep the kind words, retweets, comments, links, etc. coming my way. Your encouragement and moral support are just as important a form of patronage.