Hope all is well, everyone. Been busy with patreon related stuff as of late, but now that this month’s orders have been shipped I should have more time to keep up this blog section of the site. I’ll be back soon with movie, restaurant and candy bar reviews, dating advice, letters etc. but for now, I’m going to leave you with a bunch of links.

51 Awesome Webcomics The Eisners Have Completely Failed To Recognize
Lauren Davis has created an amazing resource for anyone looking for a good introduction to long form narrative webcomics. Wish I had this last year when I was an Ignatz judge. I talked a little about this before but of all the Ignatz categories I plowed through last year, webcomics was by far the most inspirational and exciting.

Meat and Bone
One of my three picks for the Ignatz best webcomic category last year. Will write up a full review later, but in short this one blew me away. Really pretty character based comic with a vaguely European aesthetic.

How The Woman Got Her Period
Okay, this one is not really webcomics related but thought it was a fascinating article. Having had a baby recently, I’m realizing that contrary to popular depictions, pregnancy and birth are a truly harsh Giger-esque nightmare.