Just got back from SPX today. I’ve got a convention report for you coming soon, but I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that Demon won the Ignatz award for Best Outstanding Series.

It was an amazing honor and I just wanted to thank everyone here, and at the convention who helped to make that happen. Also wanted to quickly thank the organizers, the judges and also my fellow nominees, Ellen Lindner, Keiler Roberts, Sacha Mardou and Kat Verhoeven some of whom I met at SPX and were all incredibly gracious and amazingly nice people. I didn’t get to say this in my acceptance speech because I spent 80% of it plugging my patreon campaign, but I wanted to add that as trite as it sounds, being nominated is the real prize.

I talked about it previously but the Ignatz award is like no other comics award. 5 judges every single one of them a fellow comics creator, combed through literally thousands of comics to select the 5 nominees. From those 5, the final Ignatz winner can come down to random crap like who has the most friends at the convention, who’s been doing it the longest, whose name everyone recognizes, who’s book most people read, etc. I know it can suck to come so far and get so close and leave brickless but an Ignatz nomination is something to be really freakin’ proud of and to me anyways is worth more than most of the other awards put together. Thanks again, fellow nominees and for the other 80% of you reading this that aren’t, I’d encourage you all to take the time to check out their work!