Welp, it happened. Yesterday at 5:24p, a patron (and cartoonist) by the name of Drew Weing upped his pledge from $1.00 to $1.30 to bring my total monthly patronage to $1,700.03!!! For followers of my patreon campaign, this is the level where I quit my day job, tell my boss to go to hell, do a little jig on my desk before skipping out of the office. Sadly, 7 hours later as I was buying my dancing shoes, a different patron lowered his pledge level bringing me back down to $1,640. This kicked off a chain of patrons lowering their pledge levels. As of now I’m back down to $1,593.

Let’s just say it was a very brief victory. But the good news for YOU, my loyal Demon readers, is I’m chalking this one up as a win. That means, starting today, I’ll be updating Demon seven days a week!

Although it was the most fleeting of triumphs, I want to truly thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for their generosity and support. All my patrons who put up with my overly complicated pledge levels, all my commenters who came and left the most thoughtful and gracious posts, my readers who’ve been spreading the word tweeting demon links to their tumblr mashups or whatever it is you do. A million thank yous from me. I like to tell folks that I have the best commenters, patrons and readers on the internet and Demon isn’t just a better comic because of you. It exists because of you. You’ve allowed me to turn this passion project into something resembling a career. A short career that has spanned 7 hours. But hey, it’s a start.