Q: My son introduced me to Demon last month and we’ve both been following it obsessively ever since. He likes it even more than Meanwhile which was his introduction to your work. He turns 13 next week and is an aspiring cartoonist, and I think he’d love a page from Demon as a gift. Do you sell original pages and if so, for how much?

A: Ah, what every 13 year old dreams of… A drawing of Jimmy and a camel hanging on his bedroom wall. But seriously, thank you so much for the kind words! I’m glad to hear you and your son are both enjoying Demon.

I’ve been selling original art directly from my website for $300, but just this week I decided to set up a patreon level that includes original art as one of its rewards! I set the price at $20/mo and I’ve bundled it with a complete Demon subscription so it’s way more affordable than buying individual issues and art separately. Pages 007, 031, 98, 149, 153, 154, 244, 245 and 313 have already been sold, but incredibly, winking Hitler, extradited Thai midget, train explosion and Sweetpea reveal pages are still available!!! But there’s only 10 only 6 of these reward levels left and the first to sign up gets first pick. Anyway, if you go to www.patreon.com/shiga you’ll see it.

Q: how did jimmy decided to call himsel “a demon” and the rest of the oss also thought about calling the whole ordeal “demonism”? he knew nothin’ about the proyect… OR DID HE?

A: There’s a ton of examples of bodily possession from mythology and pop culture. So you’re right that it’s a bit coincidental that they would both independently settle on the idea of Demons to frame the phenomenon. But in my opinion it might be preferable to a scene of Jimmy at the police station yelling “I’m Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap!”