Q: Have you made your announcement yet?

A: Sorry Burt. I know you’ve been waiting patiently for months for the big announcement I hinted at earlier. Unfortunately, it’s still under wraps. I should be able to tell you something within a month or so. Until then, keep enjoying the story and I’ll let you folks know as soon as I can.

Q: Can the flastical simply move extraordinarily fast such that it seems instantaneous? …why wouldn’t light reflecting off a demon’s flastical affect a photograph taken of a demon?

A: It’s funny that you ask! I’ve actually given a lot of thought to these two issues. Chapter 11 was originally going to be a lot longer but thought readers would get bored with 12 pages of the professor explaining flastical. In any case, I would think that like anything, a flastical’s speed would be limited by the speed of light. But since a flastical is actually outside the plane of our universe and all it’s luminiferous ether, there’s no reason it couldn’t travel faster. The fact that flasticals are in another dimension also would affect how photons interact with it. In fact above the plane of the universe, it could be some completely different particle or wave altogether with its own set of physics. Since photographic plates or CCD detectors are really only built to interact with photons coming at it within the plane of our universe, they shouldn’t be able to pick up any flasticals in other dimensions.

Q: If there are Demons, are there people called angles, too? Would they have the reverse effect of a demons power ( absorbing the nearest person who dies into themselves)?
-Mr. Morph

A: I love it! But if there are angels, what if Jimmy isn’t even a Demon? Maybe he’s just a normal human and everyone else on earth is an angel.